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Cocktail and Olives


C-47 Film Festival embraces the spirit of individuality and celebrates the art of filmmaking by hosting a series of themed invite-only parties for its selected attendees. These exclusive events provide a unique opportunity for filmmakers, industry professionals, and distinguished guests to network, engage in conversations, and celebrate the creative achievements showcased at the festival.

Outdoor movie

Visionary Night:

This party pays homage to groundbreaking and visionary films. It creates an immersive atmosphere inspired by iconic films that have pushed boundaries and redefined cinema. The venue is transformed into an experiential space that transports guests into the worlds of these visionary films.


Underground Soiree:

The Underground Soiree is a party dedicated to independent, edgy, and unconventional cinema. It embraces avant-garde filmmaking, experimental narratives, and emerging voices. The party venue reflects the raw and alternative essence of independent filmmaking, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Walking on the red carpet

Glamour Gala:

The Glamour Gala is an elegant affair that celebrates the art of filmmaking and the stars that bring stories to life. This red-carpet event features a glamorous ambiance, with attendees dressed in their finest attire. It is an opportunity to honor exceptional performances, acknowledge outstanding achievements, and celebrate the magic of cinema.

Masquerade Close-up

Cinematic Masquerade:

The Cinematic Masquerade is a themed party inspired by the history of cinema and iconic film characters. Guests are encouraged to dress up in costumes that pay tribute to their favorite films or characters, creating a lively and visually captivating atmosphere. The party features music, dance, and interactive experiences that evoke the enchantment of cinema.

Eating with Chopsticks

Global Fusion Night:

This party celebrates the cultural diversity and international flavor of the selected films. It brings together a fusion of global cuisines, music, and performances, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that celebrates the power of storytelling to bridge cultures and perspectives.

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